Self Publish, Be Happy

Photographs by Brendan Baker and Daniel Evans

Interview by Lauren Snyder

Bruno Ceschel founded Self Publish, Be Happy in 2010, with the original intent of it being a one-off event in London. Since then Ceschel has created a community for young photographers and artists around the world, by promoting and celebrating their self published books through events, workshops, and online exposure. Ceschel speaks to LINE about Self Publish, Be Happy’s foray into its first book, where he sees his organization among other publishers of the world, and why young artist are re-discovering the simple joys found in making their own books.

LINE: I read that Self Publish, Be Happy was initially meant to be a one-off event at the Photographers’ Gallery in June 2010. What pushed you to make SP,BH into what it is today?

Bruno Ceschel: It has grown very organically. One element at a time: first it was the blog, then the mobile library, followed by the workshop, the first online project (“When We Were Young”) and most recently our own publication as well as the pop-up space in Milan.

I guess what really pushed me is the powerful and fresh energy that animates the contemporary self-publishing community, and broadly speaking, the contemporary photography scene. It is exciting to work with incredible artists that are having a great time publishing books and want to share them with us. SP,BH captures

Photographs from 5 A Day by Brendan Baker and Daniel Evans for SP,BH © Self Publish, Be Happy