Jenner Furst

Text by Thalia Forbes

Photographs by Julia Willoughby Nason

  To say Jenner Furst is a rising young filmmaker would be calling his world flat. His career is rising, leap-frogging, and straddling genre as well as scope on a trajectory Furst confides in this issue of Line. Just on the horizon is the January 30th season premiere of Brick City, an Emmy nominated reality series based in Newark, New Jersey pivoting on political true north Mayor Corey Booker, that Furst co-produces and edits for Sundance Channel. Also fast approaching, releasing this spring, is Furst’s directorial debut, Dirty Old Town. The fictional narrative communions a rousing, drink your poison take on downtown New York’s sights, seen/unseen. Speaking with Furst it’s not difficult to imagine his square shouldered, rumpled polo, dred sure but affable personality figuring prominently in one of his own films. Jenner Furst comports himself in the manner of a steely and renegade (the academy be damned if it won’t keep pace) ancient astrologer- he’s busy mapping his universe, describing his stars, and discovering uncharted constellations….. What he’s not busy doing is dreaming up fairytale metaphors. Rather, he is consistently articulating the tales and tribulations already around us, everywhere in every day life. Jenner delivers this sage and fluid body of work, in the tradition of cinéma vérité, through his fiction and non-fiction projects. As Furst speaks about his work an electric passion for filmmaking and cinema cloaks him completely, compelling you to lean in- so when he took a pause from editing to discuss this exiting moment in his career, I did: