Gabriel Stulman

Photographs by Lanya Snyder



Gabriel Stulman knows a thing or two about the restaurant business in New York City. At the age of 25, he opened the beloved West Village restaurant Little Owl and just two years later came Market Table, another neighborhood staple. In 2009 Stulman opened his first solo venture, named for both of his grandfathers, Joseph Leonard on Waverly Place to rave reviews. This fall, across the way, he opened Jeffrey’s Grocery, a grocery store, luncheonette, oyster and wine bar in the quaint corner shop on Christopher Street and Waverly Place. And he is not done yet, early this year he will re-open the old village haunt Fedora located only a few blocks away from Leonard and Jeffrey’s. Stulman will be the first person to take over the commercial space from Fedora and her late husband’s family, the Dorato family, who were the sole owners of the building for 100 years. LINE caught up with Stulman, over a cup of the delicious one-dollar Stumptown coffee at Jeffrey’s Grocery one morning this past fall.