Chances With Wolves

The beautiful thing about this duo is tied up in the accidental nature of intent. What hits us first, we already know, is the song. When we hear one, we might already identify with it via its modern cover. We might come to love another after a few listens, while another is sung in our Fathers’ language, and as such, taps immediately into a place beyond words. Another, still, might always sting a little upon hearing it, reminding us forever of him or her… Beyond this reach, you are struck by the feeling that someone has curated every episode for you, specifically, with the same attention a young man might apply to the careful presentation of a hand-plucked bouquet. The bouquet is delivered in all sincerity; no one of any substance is interested in anything less.

“We’re going to play some more joints for you,” Kray says towards the end of the pilot episode (#0, May 2008). “We love you,” he finishes, setting the precedent. Ain’t nothing changed but the seasons.

You Are What You Love – Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

The last time I visited Chances recording live from the booth on 1st and 1st was in March. I sat in the corner with a beer while visitors and well-wishers came and went. Throughout the two-hour session, the booth was never empty. Several friends of the show stopped by to chat and meet whomever else was there, but mostly to support and listen to the live broadcast. We would occasionally ask “who’s this?” and move whatever part of our body we could, given the tightly packed space. Kray and Kenan, on the other hand, were on their usual mission.

People often wonder how two people can create something so symbiotic and seamless. Creative teamwork and shared ownership